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open quote icon It is obvious that Becky cares about her clients above all else, and I felt lucky to have her by my side. close quote icon - Rebecca, Former Client & Second-time Mom
Becky Core, birth doula

about me

My doula journey began when I moved to Austin in July of 2016. Before that, I was a first grade teacher in Maryland - where I had a rewarding and stable job, but always found myself listening to birth podcasts and following birth vlogs for fun. In many of those stories, I kept hearing this 'do-lah' word. A little bit of research taught me that these doulas are trained birth coaches, empowering Moms and their partners to write their own birth story. That's what I wanted to do with my life! I immediately registered to begin my doula certification and haven't looked back since.

Certifications & Training

I completed evidence-based birth doula training through DONA International and birth & bereavement doula training through Stillbirthday. I'm certified with Gena Kirby to use a Rebozo during labor, and continue to support births with Giving Austin Labor Support. I'm also certified through Black Swan Yoga as a 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher, and Yoga Yoga as a prenatal yoga teacher.
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Kira and her newborn

"As first time parents, we were determined to 'do it ourselves'. Yet as our due date grew closer, our anxiety of the unknown began to weigh heavy on our nerves. Enter Becky. Her calming presence and intuitive guidance was exactly what we needed to get us to the finish line. She truly listened to what we wanted in a doula and delivered just that. Bonus: she snapped some amazing photographs."
- Kira

After the birth, Stephanie and baby

"Becky was excellent! Her presence was most definitely an asset to me and my family. Things went very smoothly and I felt a great deal more confident and supported throughout this process because of her. She is confident, well educated, and knows what she's doing. Highly recommend!"
- Stephanie

Sarah's baby in a cute hat

"I'm a first-time mom that gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 10oz baby boy with the assistance of Becky. Although I went into labor full of confidence, there came a point when my labor stalled out and I didn't know if I could go on anymore. Becky stayed by my side and provided the calm, nurturing presence that I needed to regain my focus. She gave me the mental, emotional and even physical support that I needed to be able to complete the 23 hours of labor and bring my son into the world."
- Sarah

Jaime while she's pregnant

"Becky is our doula for the birth of our baby girl this December (2016); I feel so much peace as I think about that day, knowing she will be there to help us through an intense, amazing experience. She has been so helpful as we've prepared, assisting us with our birth plan and helping us make informed choices which has made me feel empowered and safe. Becky's heart for mamas and babies is pure & genuine - I am grateful for her devotion to our family!"
- Jaime

Meagan's little newborn

"Becky was a huge stress relief for my husband and I. Knowing we had her support for our VBAC took a lot of pressure off us. I would choose her over and over as our doula again. Becky has a very calming presence."
- Meagan

Rebecca's baby in the delivery room

"Becky was extremely communicative during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I was very impressed with her demeanor, desire to accommodate my needs during labor, and overall love of being a doula. It is obvious that Becky cares about her clients above all else, and I felt lucky to have her by my side."
- Rebecca

Anna and her baby

"I didn't originally plan for a hospital birth, but my pregnancy started out high risk. It was because of this we decided on a hospital birth in the event that complications arose. A few months shy of my due date, I became more and more anxious at the thought of not being able to have my son in a birthing center like I had planned. It was after researching doulas that my husband and I decided a hospital and doula were the perfect combination for us. Becky was a blessing to my husband and I during the end of my pregnancy and my son's birth. It was a daunting task searching for a doula that we felt we could trust and be open and comfortable with. It just so happend that Becky was the first doula we met with (and the only one!). We knew once we talked to her for the first time that she was the perfect fit. She did it all; from different laboring positions, to bringing me water and juice, to getting a cloth for my head, to massaging my ankles with oil, to squeezing my hips through EVERY contraction, and even taking pictures for us. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She also stayed with us for a few hours after I had my son to make sure he was well taken care of by the staff, and to make sure that I was recovering well. Becky isn't just a doula, but a friend to you, and that makes the experience even more special. I can never thank her enough for all she did for our family!"
- Anna

Tania's baby

"Throughout my pregnancy, my husband and I couldn't decide if we really needed a Doula but we set up two interviews and one of them was with Becky. I was so impressed with how prepared she was for all my questions and concerns. You could tell she has a strong passion to support all kinds of labor so we decided to take the plunge and hire her as our Doula. We are so happy that we did! Leading up to my delivery Becky was always available to text random and sometimes TMI questions too! When my little girl decided to come a week early, Becky's quick response to our many texts and calls was priceless! Becky came over in the early hours of the morning to help me labor at home, accompanied us to the hospital and stayed with us well after little Ellie was born! Becky was so calm and collected during my labor and provided me and my husband with different ways to make it through each contraction. When my labor stalled and our baby wasn't descending she gave me objective advice to take the epidural. Once our baby girl was born, she was taken to the NICU and Becky stayed by my side so I wouldn't be alone while my husband was with our little girl. Becky's number one priority is to support the mama and I definitely felt that with her. She was knowledgeable and confident in her skills and provided my husband and our little girl all the support we needed!"
- Tania

Monica's husband in scrubs with their newborn

"Becky was the perfect addition to our labor and delivery story. Due to medical reasons, I had to be induced. If it resulted in a c-section, I was concerned how my doula would be involved, and I'm here to tell you the emotional support before my unplanned c-section was priceless. As a first time mom, my labor/delivery lasted over a day (even with drugs to speed things along), and Becky was there every step of the way. During all the hours of labor (prior to the delivery), Becky provided guidance when nurses came in recommending this or that. Becky told me (and it was true) that she was my advocate and reminder that I had options when drugs or deviations from my birth plan were suggested. As she has a good deal of experience, she also told us how the day would go which my husband and I appreciated, being first time parents. More than anything I wanted things explained prior to them occurring. I relayed this to the nurses, but Becky really helped ease anxiety and emotions the day of when nurses failed to explain procedures. She also took pictures as my husband and I were in the moment and preoccupied with the experience. I cannot recommend her enough. A doula was a great investment for us, but more than that, Becky was personable, reliable, accessible and a wonderful resource (emotionally and physically) on the day our little one joined this world."
- Monica


If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about anything that isn't listed here, please feel free to reach out for more info!

Labor Support

  • Up to 2 prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • On-call 24 hours, 2 weeks prior to estimated due date, until your baby's birth
  • Continuous support during labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum
  • 1 postpartum meeting

Planned Cesarean

  • 1 prenatal meeting
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Pre-op and recovery support
  • Emotional support in operating room (if permitted by provider)
  • Breastfeeding support with initial latch
  • 1 postpartum meeting


  • Overnight or daytime care
  • Birth processing and emotional support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Assistance with newborn care and soothing techniques
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation

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