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Here Goes Nothing!

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Writing has always been difficult for me. I think back to my undergrad classes and remember the dreaded papers we had to write. Of course I would put it off until the night before it was due, pretending the assignment never existed. My poor boyfriend (now husband) and roommates were forced to suffer with me the days leading up to the deadline. They had no choice but to listen to me moan and groan just anticipating starting the dumb thing! Unfortunately for them, they were also stuck editing my careless work.

So why am I voluntarily writing right now? It wasn't until very recently that I discovered writing didn't have to feel like I was taking a shot of Vodka. It can be quite enjoyable - that is, when I'm not forced to research topics far out of my interest. I realized this after reading Peggy Vincent's Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife. In her book, Peggy writes birth stories from her perspective as a midwife. I absolutely loved reading each story as a doula, and future mother (one day). In fact, I've never read a book so slow before, because I just don't want her magical stories to end! But more importantly, this book made me question whether people would benefit from (and possibly enjoy) reading about my own experiences as a doula and new business owner.

Many times, clients have asked me to record a timeline of events during their labor to help them remember the experience. Now I wonder, could others benefit from these beautiful birth stories? Possibly other doulas? Maybe expectant mothers and fathers? What about women anticipating conception and dreaming of their own future births?

So that brings me here, to my very first blog post. Eeekk!! With each one, I hope to create a space where others can connect, learn from, and be inspired by my journey as a doula and women becoming mothers. I hope to answer the questions I'm faced with when people hear the 'doula' word... What's your favorite birth so far? Have you ever heard of the breast crawl? How do women do it without an epidural? (Through their vagina, of course! 😉)

But really. I plan to answer these questions and discuss anything birth-y that's of interest to you. Maybe I'll even share an embarrassing story or two to give you a good laugh along the way!